Dear Boris, I lied too.

(Written in response to the news of the alleged Downing Street Christmas Party of 2020- some readers may find this distressing. Reposting owing to the reluctance of Boris and the now government to publish whatsApp and text messages during this time.) This piece was Shortlisted for the Yeovil Writing Without Restrictions Prize 2022. …. DearContinue reading “Dear Boris, I lied too.”

One big heart: (if you were in a nurse’s shoes what would you do?)

Those Thursday night claps are silent and long forgotten, the hand-painted rainbows colourless and faded. Our Covid ‘heroism’ seems to have been erased from history. Us nurses are about to get vilified by our government, our press, we will be called greedy, uncaring, selfish. We are about to become the victims of a campaign toContinue reading “One big heart: (if you were in a nurse’s shoes what would you do?)”

Behind Closed Doors: A Nursing Memoir

May 2020 (Short listed for the Yeovil Literary Writing Without Restrictions Prize 2021) My colleagues and I hadn’t taken it seriously, we were almost a little cocky, ‘Yeah. Yeah, we’ve seen H1N1, we’ve seen SARS, we’ve nursed in pandemics before’ So we carried on, until very quickly our office became an incident command center, execsContinue reading “Behind Closed Doors: A Nursing Memoir”