We Will Strike

We will strike for every time we left our shifts late

For every patient who has endured a too long a wait

For every shift we could not safely fill

For every time the pressure of our working day made us feel ill

For every time we missed our lunch or coffee break

For every extra hour we clocked up with no additional pay to take

We will strike for every patient screaming out in agony and pain

For every student who no longer gets a bursary to train

For every additional skill we have been forced to undertake

For every blood taken, X-ray ordered and advanced assessment we make

For every patient’s hand we never got time to hold  

For every politician who doesn’t believe our profession will be so bold

We will strike for every patient left lying cold and afraid in A&E corridors   

For every patient awaiting overdue tests while praying for cures

For every colleague we’ve lost to the stress of this profession

For every sleepless night had due to our own bodies being full of tension

For every patient we felt we did too little or let them down

For every patient we left too long in a wet stained or soiled gown

We will strike for every day this situation is getting much worse

For every moment it gets harder and more painful to be a good nurse

For every time we have been devalued, not heard nor listened too

For every one of us could one day be a patient in need, just like you

We will strike because in our desperation tell us what else can we possibly do?

Published by @NicolaP

Nurse, Mum, nature lover. Sharing memoir extracts of nursing and living through the covid pandemic.

4 thoughts on “We Will Strike

  1. We will strike for everytime we missed our children both get up and go to bed in the same day because we were at work that long.
    We will strike for every time we left our shift crying and blaming ourselves when actually it’s the system that’s at fault.

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  2. Well done Nicola. Another triumph ! I’m so sad that nurses have not been listened to or prioritized by by a society who really are ignorant of the heap of stress suffered since the outbreak of Covid and the selfless dedication demonstrated by members of your profession.

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