A collection of essays and memoirs of frontline nursing, motherhood and nature. Please note some content readers may find distressing, all events are real but I have changed timelines, names and places to protect the identities of those who stories I tell.

The First Time

We all have our first times.. Our first cardiac arrest, our first catheter, our first tears. Written in April 2022. A Close Shave I remember the first man I shaved. He was my friend; I was 22 years old. I stood in the bathroom of his student house, razor at the ready.                ‘This isContinue reading “The First Time”

In May 2020….

So Boris hosted a lockdown party. Another violation of the rules. The rules he and his government made to keep us safe, to keep the NHS fires burning, the same rules that they then very much disregarded and broke. I think back to May 2020. Home schooling. Lockdown. The loneliness of not seeing friends andContinue reading “In May 2020….”

A Solitary Seagull

(With lots of speculation about another possible lockdown – here is my experience of London city during March 2020. This piece is part of a collection called A Wall Of Hearts, which is my memories of the world during the pandemic. Here going in to work for a shift during the first and only trueContinue reading “A Solitary Seagull”

Dear Boris, I lied too.

(Written in response to the news of the alleged Downing Street Christmas Party of 2020- some readers may find this distressing.) Dear Boris, I have a confession to make. I lied too. At about the same time as your advisers and staff were eating and drinking wine and cheese, I was working. It wasn’t onContinue reading “Dear Boris, I lied too.”